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Welcome to the World of Grayfield Optical

SeeNano optical microscopes: White light source, no oil immersion, variable extended depth-of-field, color contrast.

Extreme True Optical Resolution
100nm true optical resolution possible in real time
Enhanced Depth of Field
Up to 40-80x optically
Natural Color Contrast
Full color contrast images
No Staining, etc. Required
View unstained living samples
View Living Samples in Real Time
View living biological samples and view of film them in real time

Important News: New Range to be finally released in September - pre-orders starting in April 2019.
Update: March 29, 2019

Thanks to everyone waiting patiently for news. We have been looking hard at the best way of offering our technology on the market and are now working on an exciting new product range that will be available in September 2019. It will make our microscope systems much more affordable and more universally available.

After a lot of work redesigning and improving our microscopes, we are now finally able to give more details of our new updated range of microscopes. The new design will be modular allowing for upgrades to be made more easily.
The previous range of "Ergonom" microscopes were hand-built in Germany and this resulted in high costs and long lead times. When the original inventor decided to retire, at the age of 80, we decided to redesign the microscopes and implement the latest technology available. Although this redesign did take much longer than planned, we are now at a point where we will be able to start sales of our new range of SeeNano microscopes.

Our new range will be modular in design so that you can start with our standardiized base SeeNano Lab microscope and add the options you need for your applications. The base microscope will however already have capabilities that go way beyond the capabilities of standard optical microscopes.
By standardizing the design and components, we are able to speed up manufacturing and lower costs while maintaining quality to the highest standards. Our manufacturing base is now located in Hamburg, Germany where we have access to high-precision component suppliers to the aerospace industry that can deliver custom designed parts to order from digital plans. By utilizing digital technology, our new microscopes can be built to automatically scan large objects like computer wafers and provide a large high-resolution digital image file. This technology has been developed in colaboration with a notable UK university and has proved itself over years. Pleae note that imaging is a purely optical process up to the ocular or digital microscope camera.

The SeeNano-Lab microscopes will start at approx. $30,000* with an optical resolution of between 200nm and close to 100nm (depending on the objectives and configuration ordered). This will be available either for incident or transmitted light and can be upgraded for both. Our unique Grayfield contrast method is available as standard that provides better image quality and contrast than otherwise possible. A range of modular upgrades will be available (incl. flouresence, etc.)  to allow for a range of different applications. It is planned to even make it possible to upgrade up to the Pro level (although buying the Pro directly would be more cost effective).

The SeeNano-Pro microscopes will start at $80,000* and are designed for those needing an absolute top optical microscope with best quality optical resolution (better than 100nm) and options for automated scanning of even large objects (e.g. computer chip wafer in full size). They allow for real time observations in resolutions and magnification previously only achievable with electron microscopes. However, our optical system allows for the non-destructive observation of living cells over an extended period, without any form of chemical staining or vacuum chamber and with extreme depth of field achievable through the high virtual numerical aperure our systems use. The objectives do not need to touch the sample and remain dry as no oil-immersion is required. The objectives are controlled by nano-motors allowing for fully automated imaging of large objects without stitching issues.

* Given prices are current estimates when ordered individually and do not include any taxes, shipping or installation costs. During the pre-order period, these prices can be lowered, dependant on the number of pre-orders we receive.

Pre-ordering available on this website from April.
Our manufacturing costs are greatly influenced by the number of microscopes we can build at the same time. Tooling costs are the same if we build 1, 10, 100 or 1000 microscopes in the same batch, so obviously the more pre-orders we can get, the more we can lower the prices. For example, if we can get at least 200 pre-orders for the Lab microscope, we should be able to reduce the base cost of each microscope down to as low as $20,000.

We expect to be able to start delivering microscopes from September and will be delivered to those that have pre-ordered and fully paid for the microscopes. As we are currently negotiating a major order to the USA with a major institute, we have agreed to suppy them, first. After that, microscopes will be delivered to all that pre-order their microscopes on this website and pay a minimal 10% deposit. Only those customers that pre-order between April and August will be entitled to the discounted pricing made possible through batch manufacturing.

We have received many hundreds of enquiries for our range of microscopes and we will be contacting them via newsletter as soon as possible. We are very excited about delivering these unique microscopes that will revolutionize optical microscopy by eliminating the need for chemical staining and oil immersion, providing a significantly better contrast, true-color imaging in real time with variable depth-of-field. Despite this, our microscopes are easy to use for anyone familiar with using optical microscopes.

Please watch this website for further updates in the coming weeks. The online shop is currently being prepared and will go online during April (exact date not yet known).

By pre-ordering with just a 10% deposit, you will be able to profit from our special pre-order pricing and be one of the first to take delivery of our new microscopes. Based on the amout of interest shown in our microscopes so far, we expect to have a waiting list of orders as we ramp up production. The earlier you pre-order, the sooner you will be supplied.

Due to a major order for our first first batch of updated microscopes, deliveries to pre-order customers will start once this order has been completed. Those who put down a 10% deposit now, will secure a place in the queue. We will be building and suppying microscopes on a first come, first serve basis.

Our SeeNano microscopes are now in the final stages of development and they will have all the capabilities of the previous series, while adding fluorescence capabilities as an option and realistic pricing. .

We would like to thank the large number of people and organizations that have contacted us to enquire about our new range. We will be writing to those individually, shortly. We will ensure our new microscopes are built to the highest quality standards, that you would expect from "Made in Germany" with optical capabilities that are second to none.

We thank you for your patience.

Please use the Contact Us form below, and we will then inform you as soon as or new microscopes are available.

Please note: All technical details are subject to change without notice, while we work on our new microscope range.

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Unsatisfied with the capabilities of existing light microscopes, it was decided to investigate why the resolution, color contrast and depth of field is so limited. This research led to the discovery of a unique new way of building microscopes which no longer suffered many of the constraints of existing optical theory. We found that by using a different approach to optics and a new mathematical approach, we could build microscopes with a large "cylinder of sharpness" (depth of field) and a true resolution of 100nm, while maintaining full contour sharpness and true colors without the need for staining, oil immersion, etc. This Grayfield Lens System is the basis of all our future optical systems.

The GLS technology has also been used to develop objectives for extreme image reduction, a quantum leap in the nano lithography of critical dimensions that can be used for computer wafer production.


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