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Welcome to the World of Grayfield Optical Inc.

SeeNano optical microscopes: White light source, no oil immersion, variable extended depth-of-field, color contrast.

Extreme True Optical Resolution
100nm true optical resolution possible in real time
Enhanced Depth of Field
Up to 40-80x optically
Natural Color Contrast
Full color contrast images
No Staining, etc. Required
View unstained living samples
View Living Samples in Real Time
View living biological samples and view of film them in real time

Important News: Change of product lines at Grayfield Optical, Inc.
Update: August 17, 2019

We are now getting close to the release of our updated microscope systems. Our engineers in Hamburg, Germany are working hard on the new systems. There have been a number of recent changes:

Our new microscopes will be modular. You can start with the lab system and upgrade it to be a top research microscope.

We previously planned to release two versions, Lab and Pro and that has been changed to one scalable system. Add accessory modules as needed to upgrade for more features.

Instead of a turret, the objectives will be mounted on a horizontal rail system and can be self-centering. You are looking at a sample and want to switch to a higher magnification, the objective is automatically changed and adjusted so that your field of view matches what you were looking at before.

Automated nano-positioning systems will be available to precisely move the slide.

More details will be announced in September.

We will be be presenting more details and an updated website in September, when pre-orders can then be made. Manufacturing is due to start in October with delivery shortly afterwards.

The redesigning work has been extensive in order to modernize the systems with the latest technology while reducing the prices to make our systems much more affordable while maintaining the excellent optical resolutions and capabilities the Grayfield microscopes are known for.

Our SeeNano microscopes are now in the final stages of development and they will have all the capabilities of the previous series, while adding fluorescence capabilities and realistic pricing.

We would like to thank the large number of people contacting us to enquire about our new range. We are working hard to perfect things so that when are new range is ready, it will be better and more affordable than anything we have ever offered, before. We will ensure our new microscopes are built to the highest quality standards, that you would expect from "Made in Germany" with optical capabilities that are second to none.

Our new product stategy will be to have an affordable basic model that can be expanded with a range of options. That is, our new microscopes can be upgraded from the basic version up to the highest level simply by upgrading or adding the relevant components.

Please note: All technical details are subject to change without notice, while we work on our new microscope range.

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Unsatisfied with the capabilities of existing light microscopes, it was decided to investigate why the resolution, color contrast and depth of field is so limited. This research led to the discovery of a unique new way of building microscopes which no longer suffered many of the constraints of existing optical theory. We found that by using a different approach to optics and a new mathematical approach, we could build microscopes with a large "cylinder of sharpness" (depth of field) and a true resolution of 100nm, while maintaining full contour sharpness and true colors without the need for staining, oil immersion, etc. This Grayfield Lens System is the basis of all our future optical systems.

The GLS technology has also been used to develop objectives for extreme image reduction, a quantum leap in the nano lithography of critical dimensions that can be used for computer wafer production.


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