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Welcome to the World of Grayfield Optical Inc.

SeeNano optical microscopes: White light source, no oil immersion, variable extended depth-of-field, color contrast.

Extreme True Optical Resolution
100nm true optical resolution possible in real time
Enhanced Depth of Field
Up to 40-80x optically
Natural Color Contrast
Full color contrast images
No Staining, etc. Required
View unstained living samples
View Living Samples in Real Time
View living biological samples and view of film them in real time

Important News: Release of our Microscope Systems
Update: August 3, 2021

Preparing a New Newsletter

We are currently putting together a newsletter mailing list for everyone that has even contacted us. Once we have completed this, we will be sending out the first newsletter to everyone with regular updates as we approach rollout of the new microscopes. We have received a lot of interest and pre-orders and we have a waiting list for ordering microscopes that currently surpases our first planned year of production. We are therefore looking into ways of ramping up production to a higher level so that we can deliver sooner.

Want to Jump the Queue?

For those who want to jump the queue and obtain their microscope soon after production starts, we have one European customer that pre-ordered some time ago to secure their place in the queue by paying a deposit and now wants to cancel. That place in the queue (#6) can therefore now be reassigned to the first customer that can cover their deposit payment (15,000 €). The order had not defined any specific configuration so you are free to define your microscope as built-to-order. We only have one such cancelation, so the first to pay that deposit, can obtain their microscope significantly faster. Click here to contact us about this one-time offer.

SeeNano Microscopes and the Corona Virus.
One question we are hearing a lot is: Can our microscopes see the Covid-19 coronavirus in its "living" form? The answer is that it can in theory, YES and one of our microscopes is already being used in reseach for a cure. If you are involved in medical research and want to use the ONLY optical microscope that can view the untainted virus without staining, or other toxic procedures - please contact us as we want to give priority to research teams looking for a cure. The ability to directly see the virus under the microscope in a chamber for prolonged periods allows you to test various medications and procedures and determine the effectivness very quickly by simply observing if the virus has been devitalized in real time. Reseachers at a UK University using one of our earlier models have reported that they were able to significantly speed-up research as testing the effectivness of a new drug could be determined within hours and without animal testing by the ability to observe the effects in real time. They were able to reduce research time from 2 years down to 18 months simply due to the much faster and easier feedback through using our microscope.

We have received a number of questions as to if we have actually seen the Covid-19 virus and if so, can we show the images. To date, we have not seen the Covid-19 virus because none have been supplied to us, so far.

Manufacturing Status - We are starting production in September, 2021. Order now, supplied on a first come, first served basis.
  • The development of our microscope systems for marketing is practically complete.
  • The certification process is ongoing, delayed due to closure of certification institute due to Covid-19
  • Financing of the initial production run is dependant on the supply-chain being available for manufacture.
  • We use engineering companies that supply the German Aerospace Industry to manufacture key-components on demand. Of the three major companies we use, two have now resumed their activities, the third one has not so we have looked for and found an alternative supplier. If anything, the new supplier is better as they can manufacture components out of a solid block of aluminium on demand from our electronic CAD designs, without tooling costs. While each component made costs more, this is offset by the lack of tooling costs resulting in a lower overall cost to us. We are also testing an alternative supplier for optics as Nikon can no longer supply the high quality custom optics we need.
  • We welcome offers from other companies to work with us on joint ventures to help us get us started and to help with the marketing of our unique microscopes.
  • This project has been hampered by multiple delays for various reasons including the retirement and poor health of the original inventor - Kurt Olbrich - and numerous challenges in the redesign and updating of our microscopes to make them state-of-the-art. The Corona Virus meant components have been severly delayed, yet the disease is also an opportunity to highlight the capabilities of these microscopes in medical research.
  • We are now working hard with the new supplier and testing new optics now as we pledge to maintain the highest quality to maintain the <100 nm optical resolution as before using a white light source. Our current prognosis is to have the first microscopes ready for sale during September, 2021. Demonstrations are possible at our production facility in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, Germany (close to Hamburg airport) once all the lockdowns have been removed.
  • Contact us to arrange a demonstration of our microscope systems by using the form below to apply for an appointment.
  • As we have a number of pre-orders that we will be suppling first, new orders made now go onto a waiting list as we ramp up production. The more pre-orders, the faster we can get out production up to speed.

Nominal Charge of $400 (£300 or 350 Euro) for demonstrations at our Hamburg Facilities.

Please note that we are a small company and need to charge a nominal (offsettable) charge of $400 (£300 or 350 €) payable in advance to each group, to cover our own costs (hotel, travel costs, setting up equipment for specific demonstrations, etc). It is payable, once we agree on an appointment date.

This fee does include collection and return to Hamburg airport/rail station/hotel in the Hamburg area, etc. Our manufacturing facilities are located north of Hamburg (Germany) near the airport in

This fee will be fully offset from your invoice, should you purchase a microscope system from us. This fee has to be paid in advance and is otherwise only refundable if you cancel your visit at least three days prior to your appointment.

In the past, we had a lot of people making appointments to come and test our optical microscooes that were simply curious and had no real interest or even funding for purchasing our equipment. While we understand that our microscopes are unique and that many people want to see this for themselves, such visitors have incurrred high costs to us both financially and timewise in the past. As our team is located in both Hamburg and Cologne, we incurr travel and hotel costs ourselves with each visit and these costs have to be recovered in the end through higher prices to our legitimate customers, which made our microscopes unnecessarily expensive.

As the price of our microscope systems has always been an important issue, we have been working hard in the past three years to redesign our systems to make them better and more affordable while maintaining the quality. It therefore made sense to introduce this nominal charge in order to cover our costs for each potential customer. We thank you for your understanding.

Updated Technology

Our previous range of Ergonom microscopes, were high quality optical microscopes, yet were lacking the integration with modern electronics. Our engineers in Hamburg, have been creative in integrating the latest electronics to intelligently control both the stage and the objectives allowing for fully computer-controlled operation. For non-biological applications, it is possible to auto-scan the entire object, for example a computer wafer, resulting in a massive gigapixel image with incredible resolution in full color. A working system for this purpose, has already been delivered to a major university in the UK.

Our new microscopes are modular. You can start with the lab system and upgrade it up to a top research microscope.

We previously planned to release two versions, Lab and Pro and that has been changed to one scalable system. Add accessory modules as needed to upgrade for more features.

Instead of a turret, the objectives will be mounted on a horizontal rail system and can be self-centering. You are looking at a sample and want to switch to a higher magnification, the objective is automatically changed and adjusted so that your field of view matches what you were looking at before.

Automated nano-positioning systems will be available to precisely move the slide.

Our SeeNano microscopes are now will have all the optical capabilities of the previous Ergonom series, while adding fluorescence capabilities and realistic pricing.

We would like to thank the large number of people contacting us to enquire about our new range. We are working hard to perfect things so that when are new range is ready, it will be better and more affordable than anything we have ever offered, before. We will ensure our new microscopes are built to the highest quality standards, that you would expect from "Made in Germany" with optical capabilities that are second to none.

Our new product stategy will be to have an affordable basic model that can be expanded with a range of options. That is, our new microscopes can be upgraded from the basic version up to the highest level simply by upgrading or adding the relevant components.

Please note: All technical details are subject to change without notice, while we work on our new microscope range.

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Unsatisfied with the capabilities of existing light microscopes, it was decided to investigate why the resolution, color contrast and depth of field is so limited. This research led to the discovery of a unique new way of building microscopes which no longer suffered many of the constraints of existing optical theory. We found that by using a different approach to optics and a new mathematical approach, we could build microscopes with a large "cylinder of sharpness" (depth of field) and a true resolution of 100nm, while maintaining full contour sharpness and true colors without the need for staining, oil immersion, etc. This Grayfield Lens System is the basis of all our future optical systems.

The GLS technology has also been used to develop objectives for extreme image reduction, a quantum leap in the nano lithography of critical dimensions that can be used for computer wafer production.


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