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The following pictures show a German test chip made for the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) (German Physical and Technical standardisation organisation).

This slide is designed for reflected light only and we have found it to be of excellent quality for testing our microscopes down to 100nm

On the micrometer scale, the distance measured is that between the first two lines (1 micrometer = 1000nm)

The slide was the same one used with the microscope shown on the previous page.

All Images were made with the predecessor to the SeeNano Lab microscope, showing a resolution capability of 200nm.
Although not as clear as the images made with the SeeNano Pro, they are still considerably better than what is achievable with convention optical microscopes.

PTB Test Chip, General View
German PTB Test slide imaged with the predecessor of the SeeNano Lab microscope. Scale: 1.0 = 1000nm, 0.1 = 100nm
PTB Chip, Enlarged central Section
German PTB Test slide. This demonstrates 200nm resolution and 100nm detection using incident light.
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