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Living Blood

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This video documents the entire process of viewing live blood under the Ergonom 500 microscope in real time. It starts with putting a drop of blood from the fingertip onto a slide, attaching a coverslip (no staining) and then placing it on the stage. (filmed 6th Feb. 2005)
32:30 min. Copyright 2005, Kurt Olbrich and Grayfield Optical inc.

Note: The Ergonom 500 microscope shown here, has now been replaced by the SeeNano series which has comparable capabilities and more advanced electronics. All images are made in real time and natural colors without staining or oil immersion. Due to the extended working distance, the objective does not actually touch the slide at any time (max. NA 0.95).

Most images, with resolution of 200nm or greater, could have also been made with the SeeNano Lab series of microscopes. Like the SeeNano Pro, the Lab series also features enhanced DOF and full color contrast without the need for staining or oil immersion.

Instead of demonstrating any extreme magnifications or resolutions, this film was made to show the quality of images possible from live unstained blood samples. You can find more images of blood samples here and here.

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