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About Us

Grayfield Optical Incorporated


P.O. Box 27740
Las Vegas
NV 89126


 (702) 425-7775

Europe / World:

Freiburger Str. 17
50859 Cologne

Telephone / Fax:

 +44 20 8133 4321 or 02081334321
 +49 221 20046970
 +49 221 20046973

Important: Fraudsters are currently (January 2020) calling random people in the UK and displaying our caller-ID 02081334321. These people are then calling us back, confused. We are NOT making these calls and have reported the issue to the police to investigate. There is nothing more we can do about this, sorry.

Note to the Chinese Optical Industry!

We have been recently inundated with offers from Chinese optical component manufacturers that wish to supply us with components and objectives. We make use of top quality Nikon objectives, which are then modified to our specifications, to allow the high resolutions achievable with our systems. We do not need and will not be ordering any optical or mechanical systems from China as such systems are unlikely to meet our extremely high standards. Apart from the Nikon objectives, almost all of our components are sourced in Europe, primarily from Germany where high quality optical systems have a long tradition.

We already have contracts with respective suppliers and are not looking for any Chinese suppliers. We do not use and have no intention of using any Chinese components in our systems.


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