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SeeNano versus Confocal Microscope


The following images show the same part of a computer chip imaged on a top quality confocal microscope and with the SeeNano Microscope.

A confocal laser scanning microscope was used to create the images on the left of a structure on a computer chip at 1552x and 4656x magnification (measured magnification when entire image is printed at A4 size) respectively. As the confocal microscope puts together the image by scanning into a computer, real time images are not possible.

The SeeNano image was made in real time and recorded on high quality photographic film. As can be seen, the SeeNano system provides considerably more image detail than possible with the confocal microscope and shows the natural colors as seen under a white light source.

Confocal Microscope
Image of part of a computer chip at 1552x (relative to A4 sized image) using a top quality confocal laser scanning microscope. Circle represents area of greater magnification, shown below (click on image to enlarge).
SeeNano Microscope - No DOF
Same chip imaged on the SeeNano set with no added depth of field. Note natural colors and better resolution and color contrast than with confocal image. Imaged in white light to show the original colors (click on image to enlarge).
SeeNano Microscope - Full DOF
Imaged as before, yet with full depth of field. Note the considerable further increase in detail possible when using a higher resolution optical system combined with enhanced depth of field. Imaged in real time on 35mm film.
Confocal and Ergonom side by side - 4656x
Enlarged section of chip magnified 4656x (A4 size). Left confocal laser scanning microscope, right SeeNano microscope with full DOF under white halogen light using dry objectives with a working distance of approx. 1mm. No staining or other pretreatment was required. Imaged on high resolution 35mm photographic film in real time.
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