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Important Info

Please Read This First!

Grayfield Optical has been offering the Ergonom series of microscopes since 2003, as designed and built by Kurt Olbrich (1934-2022), until Kurt Olbrich retired in August 2014.

After his retirement, we have been working with his engineer on an upgraded and modular design with the aim of releasing a better, state-of-the microscope system that is affordable to a much wider range of customers. That process is nearing completion and, after a number of Covid related delays, we currently plan to release the new SeeNano microscopes in Q3, 2022.

The product descriptions in this section relate to the status in March 2020 when we originally planned to rerelease two microscopes: SeeNano Lab and SeeNano Pro models and the product images still show the earlier Ergonom microscopes. Due to the additional time, further work has been done to improve the modular design so that we have one microscope with numerous options to cover the full range. Note that if you start with a low price model and want to upgrade to the top resolution, this will mean replacing expensive optics and other components during the upgrade, but the general framework can continue to be used.

The pricing of the new range will not be known until closer to the release date.

This page and the website in general will be updated as the process develops. We will be increasing the number of sample images and videos during this period.

Thank-you for your patience.

Status: January 28, 2022

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